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Come shop with me at Sierra Trading Post. I found awesome finds at an unbelievable price! They have all your outdoor needs including swimming, sports, baseball, workout clothes, camping, outdoor decor and so much more!

Sierra Trading Post (Discount Outdoor Gear)

I have never been to the Sierra Trading Post and after years of driving by, I finally took the time to stop in and check out the store. What an amazing find this turned out to be. Sierra Trading Post is a discount, outdoor gear vendor. Their simple business model flows the same as their family of stores, which includes TJ Max and Marshals. Simply put, they redistribute merchandise that didn't sell at standard brick and mortar department stores. We love shopping at our local Marshal's and find great deals there, but at Sierra, shirts, slacks and tennis shoes are replaced with performance wear, utility pants, and hiking boots. Not to mention great deals on backpacks, hammocks, and other outdoor gear essentials.

If you are interested in some great discounts on quality outdoor gear and preparedness items, check out your local store or what they have available online. These types of stores are getting new stock all the time, and I actually enjoy the thrill of the hunt as I look for great deals on items I sometimes didn't even know I wanted, or occasionally on items I've been debating only to find a steal of a deal at these stores.

KT OutdoorZ is dedicated to the notion that life is better when it is lived outdoors. We love sharing adventures that cover a wide range of outdoor activities. We also explore great gear and share various skill sets, DIY projects, and other fun ideas for your next outdoor adventure. Outside of this channel, you can also find us on Instagram, and follow our blog. You will find links to both down below.

Thank you so much for joining us. We hope that what we share here will inspire you and help you realize that life is better, when it's lived outdoorz. Order Review I bought a Carhartt jacket from Sierra Trading Post. It shipped very quickly and arrived in great condition. I highly suggest purchasing from this site for discounted work and camping gear.




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