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C-20 HVAC License Exam Breakdown - What You Need To Know as a California HVAC Contractor on Exam Day

What you need to know to pass your C-20 HVAC exam in California. Accurate test questions and answers with online video audio lessons can be found here: https://digitalconstructive.com/c20exam

Anyone looking to bid on HVAC related projects over $500 in labor and materials within the state of California must hold the C-20 License.

We have a complete video that breaks down how to get a C-20 HVAC contractor license including, the scope of work, requirements, application, costs, and more. Check it out here:

You will also need to pass a two-part examination.

115 Questions of Law \u0026 Business
115 Questions of HVAC

The trade portion of your examination will include the following sections:

1. Evaluation, Design, and Estimation (26%)
• HVAC system design and evaluation
• Load and psychrometric calculations
• Duct system design and layout
• Job cost estimation

2. Fabrication, Installation, and Startup (27%)
• Duct system fabrication
• Equipment installation
• Electrical and mechanical components
• Plumbing and refrigeration components
• Air distribution and duct systems
• HVAC system startup

3. Troubleshooting, Repair, and Maintenance
• HVAC system diagnostic tests and
• HVAC system maintenance or repair

4. Safety (25%)
• Personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Job site safety requirements (Cal/OSHA)
• Handling hazardous materials

Some HVAC contractors also add on other related license classifications like the C-10 License. You can learn more about this license in the following video:

It is important to remember that California takes the Health and safety of workers and the environment very seriously. HVAC installation and repair can be extremely dangerous especially if your workers are untrained.

You will 100% want to review California OSHA standards before taking the C-20 license exam. Make sure that you are also familiar with safety hazards and worker's rights especially if you are applying from out of state.

Our complete free course breaks down everything you will want to know from an administrative standpoint about how to get a C20 license and how to be an HVAC contractor.

You can check that out here: https://digitalconstructive.com/free-...

If you have any questions at any point about the C-20 contractor's license, you can reach out at:

Thanks for watching

C++20: An (Almost) Complete Overview - Marc Gregoire - CppCon 2020

The technical work on C++20 was finished in January 2020, and is now being pushed through ISO certification.

This presentation gives an overview of (almost) all new features in both the language and the Standard Library. Some more exotic features will be left out. New language features include modules, coroutines, concepts, templated lambdas, constexpr changes, designated initializers, the spaceship operator, string literals as template parameters, feature test macros, conditional explicit, immediate functions, and more.

The second part of the session discusses the changes to the Standard Library. This includes topics such as ranges, atomic smart pointers, cancellable threads, a synchronization library, calendars, time zones, span, a formatting library, features test macros, and more.

The material is mostly the same as the "C++20: What's in it for you?" session from CppCon 2019, but it has been updated with the final standard. If you want a complete overview of all C++20 features, including references to other more deep-dive sessions at CppCon 2020 on certain topics, then this session is for you.

Marc Gregoire is a software architect from Belgium. He worked 6 years as a consultant for Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks on critical 2G and 3G software running on Solaris for telecom operators. This required working in international teams stretching from South America and the United States to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Now, Marc is a software architect at Nikon Metrology (www.nikonmetrology.com), a division of Nikon and a leading provider of precision optical instruments, X-ray machines, and metrology solutions for X-ray, CT, and 3D geometric inspection.

His main expertise is C/C++, specifically Microsoft VC++ and the MFC framework. He has experience in developing C++ programs running 24/7 on Windows and Linux platforms: for example, KNX/EIB home automation software. In addition to C/C++, Marc also likes C#.

Since April 2007, he has received the annual Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for his Visual C++ expertise.

Marc is the founder of the Belgian C++ Users Group (www.becpp.org), author of “Professional C++” 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Editions (Wiley/Wrox), co-author of “C++ Standard Library Quick Reference” 1st and 2nd Editions (Apress), technical editor for numerous books for several publishers, and regular speaker at the CppCon C++ conference. He maintains a blog at www.nuonsoft.com/blog/, and is passionate about traveling and gastronomic restaurants.

Streamed \u0026 Edited by Digital Medium Ltd - events.digital-medium.co.uk

Demo: C++20 Concepts Feature

Background and demo of C++20 concepts for a linear algebra example.





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